Germania Corporation is adept at solving infrastructure riddles that can confound other companies and leave projects struggling to get out of the gate.

We work closely with providers of all sorts of infrastructure, including water, sewer, flood control, power, natural gas and all levels of transportation projects, from service roads to freeway improvements.

Germania’s expertise, background and extensive list of contacts within the government, development and construction communities make us the logical choice for solving your infrastructure needs. Our team members have enjoyed great success on all sides of the infrastructure question, and they use these past experiences to solve today’s challenges.

60/91/215 Interchange Project

60-91-215-interchange-germaniaThe 60/91/215 interchange in North Riverside, one of the largest construction projects in the state – Germania’s principals played key roles in ensuring that funding was preserved for this vital project, despite state budget problems that threatened to delay the start of construction. Working in both the public and private arenas, they teamed with the California Transportation Commission, Caltrans (both locally and in Sacramento) and community stakeholders to ensure the project’s survival. Without that work, the project would have stalled and remained undone for years.

Measure A in Riverside County & Measure I in San Bernardino County

Measure A and Measure I San BernardinoThe reauthorization process for Measure A in Riverside County and Measure I in San Bernardino County – Germania was a driving force in ensuring success for the pro-measure campaigns, which renewed for 30 years the ½-cent sales taxes in each county. Germania rallied support among key decision-makers and elected officials for the measures which guarantee a steady stream of billions of dollars for much-needed transportation improvements for the fast-growing area of Inland Southern California. By collaborating on funding availability and outreach programs, Germania helped turn skeptics into advocates.

We are a solutions oriented firm.