Governmental Affairs

Whether it’s introducing your company to the decision-makers in a community or helping you make your case on an important issue facing a governmental body, Germania Corporation brings a depth of knowledge to its governmental affairs effort that is unmatched in the Southern California area.

Governmental affairs is more than just knowing the right people. It involves knowing the issues facing a community and knowing how the people who will make decisions that will affect your company feel about those issues. It means knowing where a community has been, where it hopes to go, and how you and your company can be a part of solutions that are mutually beneficial.

The key to a successful governmental relations program is having the right people with the highest levels of knowledge on your team. Germania Corporation is unsurpassed in combining experience and know-how to form a powerful government relations effort. Our current team, backed by our history in the community, delivers powerful results.

Our principals know how government works because they have run large-scale government agencies and served as elected officials. They’ve helped create cities and overhaul massive departments with crucial responsibilities. They are on a first-name basis with elected and appointed officials around the region, the state and the nation.

When Germania advises clients on how to work with a government agency, its principals are acting on a track record that includes decades of experience, not a good hunch. Put that experience to work for you, from the school board to the legislature.

We are a solutions oriented firm.