Germania Corporation specializes in helping developers obtain the crucial entitlements that allow a project to move from concept to reality. The work that Germania’s principals put in on their clients’ behalf can dramatically increase the value of a piece of property by ensuring that property can reach its highest and best use through a solid entitlement process.

Germania not only obtains entitlements for a project, it obtains them in a timely manner, which is especially important for property owners with significant carrying costs. Depending on a property’s size and the financial arrangements that have been made to bring that property to market, the difference between a timely resolution of the entitlement process and a less timely resolution can mean millions of dollars.

Why gamble that another firm can complete the process as quickly as possible when Germania has a proven track record of doing so?

Germania understands that property development can be a high-stakes, high-stress enterprise. We know that because we have been in the development business for more than four decades. We know that there frequently is a lot riding on getting entitlements completed in a timely manner, and we bring a level of urgency to the process that only first-hand experience can inspire.

Germania will fight for you by ensuring that your project is entitled properly, in such a way that minimizes costs wherever possible and takes advantage of economies of scale to save money. We take the surprises out of the entitlement process and allow you to move forward with your plans knowing that your entitlement needs are in good hands.

We are a solutions oriented firm.