Germania Corporation, all development expertise springs from the well of experience. We know what it takes to build something because we have built it. For more than 45 years, Germania has been the principal developer on projects throughout the nation. We know what your challenges are because they’ve been our challenges on past projects.

Germania has built everything from small, hand-crafted specialty projects to massive, master-planned developments. We deliver imaginative and cost-effective solutions that balance the needs of our clients, the participating government agencies and the environment.

Site constraints, sensitive environmental questions, the public hearing and permitting processes – each of these issues can threaten a project’s viability, profitability or even its very existence. Germania has a track record of developing “win-win” solutions for complex land development projects.

Our relationships with financial institutions can also remove hurdles to your development proposal. Whether the amount of capital required is small, say $1 million, to as much as $450 million or more, Germania’s development team can help you obtain the financing you need to move forward. Put that financial backing together with more than four decades of development experience that Germania brings to the table, and watch us work for you.

We are a solutions oriented firm.