Germania Corporation brings a wide range of talents to its consulting practice, everything from established leaders in the construction and development industries to stalwarts in the transportation planning and governmental relations fields. Whatever your needs, you can work with Germania knowing that your consulting dollar is buying the knowledge and experience that can open doors and get results.

The principals of Germania have the expertise and team-building skills to work with you and your employees to formulate a winning strategy. When you sit down with a Germania principal, you’re not sitting down with somebody who thinks they know what will work. You’re working with somebody who has done the job, time and time again, either in private business or in the public sector, with a proven track record of results.

Our consulting team includes a former state Undersecretary of Transportation and former chairman of the California Transportation Commission, current and former local elected officials, a former agency executive director, former chiefs of staff to top elected officials and more. They have been in the mix politically, on both sides of the public/private aisle, and they know what works and what doesn’t.

Whether it’s obtaining entitlements needed for your development project to move forward, getting expert advice on scenarios for obtaining transportation for your project, infrastructure funding strategies, or implementing financing  districts, you need what Germania can provide. When they give their word on behalf of a client, it means something, because they have delivered on such promises in the past. That’s somebody you want in your corner.


Governmental Affairs


We are a solutions oriented firm.